What others are saying about Sprout and Blossom

““We just got our first Sprout and Blossom box and boy, was it more than we expected! The box included so many great items incorporating Earth Day like a wonderful tree activity book, a science experiment about pollution, a planting activity, stickers, and this cute craft that my newly 3 year old could easily do. My toddler was very entertained by all the goodies included and best of all, most of them require us to get outside in the fresh air! Thank you Miss Gloria for creating an innovative experience for toddlers and pre schoolers! I can’t wait to try some of these activities out with my TK students!” -Hayley Duralia

“My son got his first box and we did the ocean project today. He had so much fun with it and I really enjoyed the opportunity to teach him about keeping our oceans clean. The box includes so much for us to do we’re going to spread the activities throughout earth week. My favorite thing in the box is the book about trees. I was expecting a small book, but this book is big with lots of pages filled with more activities for us to do! So worth the money spent. Can’t wait for our next box!”-Priscilla Wagner