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Inland Leaders Elective

Thank you for your interest in the Sprout and Blossom after school elective class on your child's campus!

What is Sprout and Blossom?

Sprout and Blossom is a Gardening Activity Class that encourages children to learn, plant, grow and explore different gardening and nature related topics.

This class will take place weekly

on Wednesdays from 2:05-2:55 for 1st and 2nd at BSC

 beginning the week of January 17th

Each week there will be a different hands on activity that we focus on and correlates with the monthly theme:


-Simple Science

-Art and Craft

-Reading and story related activity.

There is an OPTIONAL fee of $40.00 which would provide your child  with a Sprout and Blossom t-shirt as well as a tote bag to keep their stuff in.

I will post pictures of our time together on our Instagram and Facebook pages so you can follow along with what is happening in class each week.

If you would like to sign your kiddo up for this class please fill out the registration form and submit it and then scroll down right below to pay

Thank you!

This is for January-May
The school calendar has been consulted to make sure you are not charged for days that school is not in session and we will not meet. 

To pay using a debit/credit card you can use the links below. If you would like to Zelle your payment, it can be sent to Gloria O'Hare (909)658-5999 with your child's name in the memo area.

You will be charged a one time fee of $150

You will be charged a one time 
fee of $40 for the shirt and tote bag 

I would love to have your child join my class! Sign up here!
Photography waiver and release

Thanks for registering. See your kiddo soon!

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