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 Christ the King
Summer Enrichment Class

Thank you for your interest in the Sprout and Blossom summer enrichment class on your child's campus!

What is Sprout and Blossom?

Sprout and Blossom is a Gardening Activity Class that encourages children to learn, plant, grow and explore different gardening and nature related topics.

This class will take place twice a month.

Classes for preschoolers and elemntary

Thursdays OR Fridays from1:00-2:00

June 15th or 16th & June 29th or 30th

July 13th or 14th & 27th or 28th


If your child misses a class, I will leave the materials in a bag in the office for them to take home the next day they come to school. There are no refunds for missed classes.

Each class there will be a different main activity that correlates with the monthly theme so that each month your child will come home with a new book, a plant to take care of or seeds to grow, a craft and a science experiment. They will also receive some fun little gifts that go with our monthly theme!

I will post pictures of our time together on our Instagram and Facebook pages so you can follow along with what is happening in class each week.

If you would like to sign your kiddo up for this class please fill out the registration form and submit it and then scroll down right below to set up payment. Thank you!

One time payment of $80.00

I would love to have your child join my class! Sign up here!
Photography waiver and release

Thanks for registering. See your kiddo soon!

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